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Issue: The fixture feels hot to the touch.

An important part of LED fixture design is the dissipation of the heat produced by the LEDs (any light naturally will produce heat). The advanced, stylish aluminum exterior of our fixtures is designed for maximum heat dissipation of internal heat via the heat sink (passive cooling), which protects the internal components and prolongs the life of the fixture and LED bulbs. Therefore, it is normal for the fixture to feel warm to the touch.

In addition to the heat sink, the 800 series also employ an active cooling system (internal fans) to expel the warm air from inside the fixture. Because of this additional measure, less heat is dissipated via the heat sink and the aluminum case will only feel slightly warm.

The surface of many "cheaper" or "less advanced" designs of LED lights may feel cool to the touch. Not a good thing! This is an indication that the heat generated by those lights is trapped inside the fixture, with no means of escaping. LED fixtures designed without adequate heat dissipation are likely to suffer from poor performance and premature breakdown of the components.