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What type and brand of LED bulbs are used in Acan Lighting fixtures?

The 600 and 800 series uses so-called 3 watt LED bulbs with similar specifications as Cree XPG. Manufacturers who drive 3 watts to each bulb can potentially cut down their production costs by reducing the number of bulbs and lenses used, but this comes at the expense of reliability and efficiency. In contrast, in order to maximize longevity, increase longevity, and maximize lumens, we only drive approximately 1 to 1.3 watts to each bulb.

The A101AC uses "1 watt" bulbs, but we've chosen to drive only approximately .25 watts to each bulb to ensure the maximum reliability and efficiency, and also to minimize heat generation.

We are closely working with a select number of top LED bulb manufacturers who are committed to developing specially produced bulbs most suitable for aquarium lighting. Based on our comparison tests, the high-quality bulbs used in our fixtures are superior for meeting the needs of reef keepers and more efficient than the bulbs from big name companies.