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What is the proper duration of time to program for each light stage?

The length of time you should program for each of the various light stages will depend on a number of factors, including the size of your tank and the lighting demands of your specific corals. The programmable controller gives you the flexibility to tailor the use of the LED lights based on the specific needs of your tank.

With the adjustable intensity control feature of these models, you have the ultimate flexibility in creating the perfect automatic daily light cycle to give your corals the light they need and show off the beauty of your tank. For time stage 1, we recommend starting with around 5% white, 100% blue, and 100% moon, and let that stage run for an hour or more. After that, you can program in higher intensities for the white light, but carefully monitor your coral to see how they respond. For shallower tanks, and for those tanks that have lower requirements, it may not be necessary to use 100% intensity for the lights. As a reefkeeper, you will quickly figure out what is the best combination of light intensity and duration for your aquarium!