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How do I use the included ceiling hanging kit?

The ceiling hanging mounts included with each LED light gives you the most flexibility in the positioning of your fixture.

If hanging your LED lights, we recommend positioning the fixture at a height that is minimum 30 inches from the bottom of the tank, and even as high as 36", depending on your specific application. Therefore, if you have a a 24 inch deep tank, you should hang the lights at least 6 inches from the surface of the water. Raising the height of the fixtures allows the light to spread out and provide more coverage to the sections of the tank that are not directly under the light.

For the first few weeks of use, you should closely monitor your livestock and adjust the height of the fixture as well as the duration of each light stage, as needed.

If you choose to use the pendant hanging kit, please follow these simple steps for setup:

Step 1:

Screw in the included stainless steel studs onto the mounting points located on the left side and right side of the fixture. Thread the hanging cable through while pressing down on the "stopper" (top part of the stud) with your finger. Release the "stopper" and the cable should lock into place.

Step 2:

Secure the other end of the cable onto hooks or other mechanisms that are securely attached to your ceiling or canopy.

Step 3:

To adjust the fixture to desired height, press down on the "stopper" and adjust cable length.