What a thrill it was for us to exhibit at MACNA 2010 (Orlando, FL) and witness the excitement generated by the attendees, speakers, and exhibitors at the largest and oldest marine aquarium conference in North America. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth to see and talk about our lights, and to the coral vendors who seized the opportunity to use our lights to enhance their displays and maximize their sales. We had a great time, learned a lot, and are looking forward to MACNA 2011 in Des Moines, IA!

A 48" A102AC used by A Reef Creation to showcase their impressive collection of corals.

Unique Corals (also Manhattan Aquariums) chose a 36" A102AC to use in their display. Proper lighting is the key to showing off your corals in their best colors!

It was great meeting new friends, such as Coral Morphologic. Glad to see that the 36" A102AC used in their display did a good job of emptying out their inventory by the end of the event!

At was also great meeting up with old friends, like Age of Aquariums, who used a pair of A103AC to make their corals Pop!

We were impressed with the dedication of people in the industry, like the crew from Fish Heads Inc who made the long journey from California and used a new A104AC to highlight their livestock.

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