James Chou

James Chou - President

James has been an avid hobbyist of marine fish and coral reef since he was a child in Taiwan. In 1982, he moved from Taiwan to New York and started "Dickens" - a publisher of many high-tech greeting cards such as "Musical Cards", "Sound Effect Cards", and "LED Lighted Musical Cards". The company at one time was the largest user of LED bulbs in the world before Cree was born.

While he was traveling more than 200 days a year for over 15 years for his greeting card business, he did not neglect his beloved hobby. He joined pioneers such as Greg Scheimer, Terry Siegel and Julian Sprung to grow corals in captivity, and has been a major support of local fish and reef clubs. In year 2010, he makes his hobby his business, and founded "Acan Lighting Inc."

James' dream does not stop with simply bringing the beauty of coral reefs to your living room, but also building a beautiful coral reef in the Florida Keys so he doesn't have to fly over 20 hours to the Great Barrier Reef. While he is not busy, he spends most of his time talking to the fish, or whistling to the birds.

Ken Wagner

Ken Wagner - Vice President, Purchasing and Marketing

While Ken has not been around the hobby for too long, he draws on many years of experience running a retail chain with over 100 stores. His creativity and ability to fix almost anything has helped Acan Lighting grow. Originally joining James at Dickens Inc in 1998, Ken handles all the marketing campaigns for Acan Lighting and is also responsible for product purchasing.

Lester Rhee

Lester Rhee - Vice President, Operations

As a lifelong animal lover ever since getting that first 10 gallon freshwater aquarium as a small kid, Lester is thrilled to be part of Acan Lighting, overseeing the daily logistical operation of the company. Originally joining James at Dickens Inc in 1999, Lester holds a BA in Economics from the University at Albany and an MBA in Management from Stony Brook University.

In his spare time, he enjoys spending time outdoors, especially hiking and biking, though fatherhood has recently become his second full time job.

Damian Calle - Assistant Manager, Technical Support and Customer Service

Damian is in charge of handling customer support issues and the supervision of the quality control of all of our products.