By listening to the ever-changing needs of reef hobbyists and professionals, Acan Lighting is dedicated to continuously developing products which are the best option in the market and which make us proud.

Our company was born from over 30 years of love for the reef aquarium hobby by our founder, James Chou, who was a pioneer in experimenting with the use of LEDs in serious reef-keeping. Armed with the knowledge of LEDs gained from other applications, it was a natural progression (and a dream) to apply this technology to reef aquariums, and ultimately in the development of high-quality LED fixtures that could meet the needs of the majority of users. Thus, Acan Lighting was founded in 2009 and has since been on the leading edge of aquarium LED technology.

But we are more than just the provider of the best aquarium LED fixtures. We strive to play an integral part in the growth and sustainability of the hobby and doing our part in taking an active role in spreading awareness among both long-time veterans as well as newcomers to the hobby of the latest trends and issues that are facing today. We believe in and promote responsible reef-keeping as an important part of the long-term outlook of our hobby and industry.

You are welcome to stop by our 50,000 sq.ft. office/warehouse to see our 18 feet of reef tanks and a personal demonstration of our LED fixtures.


  • Be honest not only to our friends, customers and suppliers, but also to our competitors.
  • Strive to provide better products and service to our customers.
  • Improve the livelihood of our co-workers and help each individual achieve their personal goals.
  • Encourage sustainable and responsible reef-keeping practices and trade, while supporting those individuals and companies that do their part to promote the same.
  • Collectively work with our customers, suppliers, and competitors to come up with innovative ideas, activities, and methodologies for the advancement of reef-keeping worldwide.


Acan Lighting is built by a group of dedicated people who love their work and have a passion for our mission.

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