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Price: $600.00

A104AC LED fixtures are available in many different sizes and feature an advanced programmable controller with separate white/blue/moon light intensity control, giving you the ultimate flexibility to create a fully customized lighting setup. All hardware for ceiling hanging and tank mounting is included with each fixture. Case: Aluminum housing Size: L18" x W8" x H1.3" Power: 70W Voltage: 110V AC • Adjustable width tank mounts and Pendant mounts are included • Energy saving & environmentally responsible • Heat dissipation is handled passively through the heat-sink • Heat is radiated away from the tank reducing or eliminating the need for chillers • LED bulb life expectancy up to 50,000 hours (5+ years) • No UV or IR damage to light sensitive items • PC / VHO / T5 / MH replacement • Producing more power than a 250W MH NEW IN BOX 90 DAY WARRANTY

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